Anti-Flea natural

BF®Petfood tasty and healthy yeast tablets with garlic, amino acids, vitamins (A, B, D, and E) and minerals. In addition to vitamin B (complex) and vitamin D, (brewer’s) yeast contains high-quality and healthy amino acids, minerals, protein and enzymes that, together, perform numerous physiological functions in the body of the dog. Supports resistance to parasites (anti-flea and tick), skin and coat (including hair loss). For all cat breeds. Also suitable for dogs.


whey, rice, milk powder, brewer’s yeast, dextrose, garlic (4.1%), Gluten free.

Analytical components: - crude protein: 10.69%, crude fat: 2.66%, crude fibre: 0.36%, crude ash: 6.72%, moisture: 6.57%, vit. A: 131261,0 IU, vit. B: vitamin B complex 101.25 mg, vit. D3: 13126.08 IU, vit. E: 284.01 mg. Per 1000 g. (100 pcs 60 g).

Feeding advice:

Dietary advice: CAT: min. 2 - max. 6 per day. Kittens: 2-3 per day. DOG: min. 2 - max. 6 per 5 kg per day. Puppies: 2-3 per day.

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Anti-Flea natural
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Anti-Flea Salmon
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