BF®Petfood tasty and healthy anti-hairball yeast tablets with amino acids, vitamins (A, B, D, and E) minerals and Psyllium seed. Psyllium seed supports the intestinal function and natural excretion of fur and ensures reduced formation of hairballs. In addition to vitamins, the anti-hairball tablets contain high-quality amino acids, minerals, protein, enzymes and (brewer’s) yeast. In addition to vitamin B (complex) and vitamin D, (brewer’s) yeast also contains high-quality and healthy amino acids, minerals, protein and enzymes that, together, perform numerous physiological functions in the body of the cat. Supports skin and coat. For all cat breeds.


whey, rice, milk powder, brewer’s yeast, dextrose, Psyllium seed, seaweed (3.33%). Gluten free.

Analytical components: - crude protein: 9.91%, crude fat: 2.61%, crude fibre: 0.24%, crude ash: 6.55%, moisture: 6.28%, vit. A: 131261.00 IU, vit. B: vitamin B complex 69.19 mg, vit. D3: 13126.08 IU, vit. E: 285.01 mg. Per 1000 g. (100 pcs e60 g).

Feeding advice:

Dietary advice: min. 2 - max. 6 per day. Kittens: 2-3 per day.

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